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Biomechanics and Ergonomics

Research topics

A person constantly interacts with environment when he/she moves, uses a tool at work or a product of daily life, etc. How can we adapt the environment to humans taking into account the variability of a target population in terms of anthropometric dimensions, physical ability, interaction strategy? This is the heart of the research by the team Biomechanics & Ergonomics of LBMC.

Research conducted by the team is often motivated by the need for numerical models for virtual assessment of a product or workplace or more broadly person/environment interaction. The applications manly concern ergonomics of workplace (especially automotive ergonomics) and products (seat, bicycle saddle , etc.) as well as the prevention of injury risk in transports (fall, precrash etc).

More specifically, we are working on the following topics:

  • Motion capture, kinematic and dynamic motion analysis and simulation;
  • Subjective and biomechanical assessment of posture and movement discomfort;
  • Development of rigid multibody and deformable (in finite elements) human body models  as well as the methods for their coupling ;
  • Personalizing these models in terms of geometric and anthropometric dimensions as well as physical capacity

Ingress/egress motion analysis

Simulated motion by RPx, a software package developped by LBMC in collaboration with Renault

Simulation of finger tip pressing on a rigid surface in collaboration with CEA-List

Experimental study on pedestrian reactive behavior in a vehicle precrash situation

Motion from a balance recovery observed in typical public transport situation